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Venus Eclipse on 16th May 2010 – Gerhana Venus

Posted by Andik on May 16, 2010

You especially in Indonesia region , on May 16, 2010, you’ll see the rare event named “Venus eclipse”.

Now the eclipse will occur to some region in Sumatera, Jawa, and Kalimantan. You can see directly to the western sky. As will be seen the ‘star’ or a bright morning star. Venus will be visible above the crescent.

“Then at around 6.50 PM (18.50 WIB), Venus will be disappear as it is covered moon, it’s called venus eclipse. Later after 7.30 pm, Venus will appear again under a crescent moon. Hopefully the weather clears, “said Djamal (LAPAN – Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional) for Viva News.

No need of Telescopes: people can directly observe Venus  with their own eyes except the occultation. Telescopes are required when you need a finest features of the planet.

It’s a rare  great event, so don’t miss it.

More about venus transit, video venus eclipse

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