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Find the meaning of your name

Posted by Andik on May 30, 2010

When you born in this world, then you named by your parents, so everyone can call you, knowing you, and find you as individual person. I said “individual” because you are life as you are, with your own name. Probably, two person, or might be thousands have same name in the world, but i think they are become unique when including your family name at last, so people can find you easily. You can find your old friend, far family, ex-classmates through her or his name using internet, as i do when i finding my best ex-classmate in high school, Citra, and hopefully i found her email, address, or anything makes me can contact her.

Talk about name, do you think that your parents give the name  without hope and meaning? I don’t think so. Where parent has children, there’s parents have a hope. Well, you may think that what a name? I think name will bring you to how face your live, as a spirit, religion, and so on. A good name will make you confidence. Sometimes people are given a name to imitate the famous characters, artists, celebrities, idol of her parents, or even prophet’s name with the hope that their children will be successful like them tomorrow.

Okay, let’s get an example name, “Peter”, derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning “stone”. So, person who named Peter, hopefully have a good “stone” attitude of mind, strong person and found success at his life.

Here some example of popular name in the world:
1. Kathy = “pure”
2. Michael = “Who Is Like God?”
3. Mark (derived from Marcus) = “From the god Mars“, “Rebellious”
4. David = “beloved”, “friend”

So what about your name, is it a good name and meaningful for you? I hope.

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