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My dad’s car trunk tragedy

Posted by Andik on June 29, 2010

Do you like picnics? When the holidays arrive, maybe it’s time for you to gather with family, spending time with them outside your home after a somewhat stressful time with work. Picnic is an interesting way to mingle with the family, the interesting thing is, you are preparing food, picnic supplies, tents and even if you intend to stay. And of course all of this stuff will stacked into the trunk of your car.

You may have been upset because the trunk of your car is dirty and smells when you come home from a picnic trip during the holidays with family. Is it because the food is spilled, the watery ice cream box, or even the spilled oil, and so forth. It will make you become angry when coming home. This happened on my dad’s old car, when he invited us to picnic some time ago. Oh my god…

Cleaning this is not an easy thing, what else mats made of carpet material. You need to remove, wash and dry them in a few days. Unfortunately, the cars will be used to the office tomorrow. This will not happen if you covered your baggage with a material that can be cleaned easily, in this case of course if it is easy in installation, cleaning, but still elegant for your car. Do you have any ideas?

A few days ago I tried looking on the internet, about the solution of this problem. Many are suggesting to remove the carpets and wash it using a product are like soap, and drying. I think it is still difficult, i need some other easily methods or good trunk mat material. And finally I found an excellent website offers a fairly strong base of the trunk liners, easy installation and clean, and most importantly make my dad’s car looks new, even just the trunk. Just try go to, there are readily available to the base of the trunk for various car. And it is also many other car accessories like floor mats, dash kit, wind deflectors and others … hmmm … looks like I need to go back there again someday. The service it self is very good, you may return your purchased when you not completely satisfied on it.

Finally my dad’s car was saved, and my dad always smiled when he opened the trunk of his car. Maybe someday he will take us to picnics again, with much mother’s delicious food. 🙂

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