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Wind Turbine – the Alternative Renewable Energy

Posted by Andik on July 3, 2010

Now electricity bill rates so expensive, it is influenced by the high price of oil as a source of plants. Why oil so expensive? Of course, because oil is a source of energy that is almost not renewable, need many millions of years to get the oil, the process is quite long. Current research being conducted to find alternative energy sources that can replace oil as a source of electricity generation using energy available in nature, such as by utilizing the potential energy of water, geothermal, wind, and so forth.

Wind energy is one form of energy available in nature, Wind Power Plant to convert wind energy into electrical energy using wind turbine or windmills. The way it works is quite simple, the wind energy turn the turbine, than the rotor coupled to rotate the generator on the back of a wind turbine, which will produce electrical energy. Electrical energy is usually stored into the battery before it can be utilized.

Utilization of wind energy is renewable energy utilization of the most developed at this time. Based on data from WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) report, the worldwide capacity reached 159,213 MW, out of which 38,312 MW were added in 2009. Wind power showed a growth rate of 31,7 %, the highest rate since 2001. America, Spain and China is the world leader in wind energy utilization. It is expected that by 2010 the total wind power generating capacity reached 203,500 MW in global.

Data from WWEA(World Wind Energy Association)

Why people use wind turbine to produce the electricity for their home or farm? By using wind turbine you help world to stop polluting. Otherwise Wind turbine will save your money, it will decrease your electricity bill because you stop to use it while your turbine work. So if you want to own wind turbine with small capacity of power, there are three things you may consider.

1. Wind quality

Do a little research to determine your wind quality of your geographic area. The quality means the average speed of wind, and how often it blow. Windmills always need a certain velocity to make the wind generator produce electricity. For minimum requirement, you need about 10-20 miles per hour of wind speed.

2. The energy you need

The easy way to know this just take your current electricity bill, find out how much electricity you buy each month. This will give you opinion about selection of wind turbine size and output. If you want to generate 100% of your need it will require a large and expensive setup, otherwise you may use it for rarely even when environment not so windy enough.

3. Wind turbine quality

Most of wind turbine have few moving part and do not need a any regular maintenance. But still, don’t make lower cost your main objective. Good material include the electric components, generator, and inverter, will save thousands. Remember that you will use this for 0 – 20 years forth.

Now lets save energy by using wind turbine.

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