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Save your holidays travelling by cityguides

Posted by Andik on October 10, 2010

What do you do when the holidays arrive? go picnic, garden party with family and friends, or at home playing games with your boys, or traveling to a city. If you choose to go traveling out of town with family, make sure you do not spend time only on the road. Make a stop somewhere and enjoy some fun events in the city, such as sporting events or watching your idol’s concert. Choose a rather large events, and involve many people, so you and your family can interact with it. Who knew you can make new friends there. Usually, a big event to use the stadium as its location.

But sometimes we do not know what’s event in the city, and finally chose to go directly to the stadium to see an upcoming event and the queue ticket there. Unfortunately, sometimes events do not fit with your expectations, or make you stressed because the queue is quite long. Your vacation so disastrous.

If you already know since the beginning of what’s coming events in the city that you stop by while traveling, you will be more enjoyable vacation. Friend recommended me to use cityguides from to see a list of upcoming events and buy tickets in some city. There you can choose the place that best suits your budget. Do not be afraid, if you stop at a new city and do not know where the location of the stadium, provide the address and map to get there. Quite a lot of information on cities in America that you can stop by and make plans to attend some events. Like the NBA All Star Saturday Night in Los Angeles, All Star Comedy Jam at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, there is also Air Supply concert at BB King Blues Club & Grill – New York, and do not miss if you stop in San diego, watch America’s Got Talent there. It is so easy, you just select which city you stop by, and find events and buy tickets at Have a fun travelling.

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