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A brief on Cloud Hosting

Posted by Andik on March 7, 2011

What is  “Cloud Hosting” ? Generally Cloud Hosting is a collection of servers that are in such a large network or peer networks, mostly using technology SAN (Storage Area Network) so that it has advantages in terms of data redundancy is better than stand-alone servers.
1. Good quality, good uptime (this is considering a whole servers that are interconnected and mutually backups).
2. Application to the client is usually the same as we sell / offer hosting to the client, but in the cloud hosting also offers Pay as you go system, where clients can hire a hosting cloud based on your needs (usage count can be per hour).
3. Almost cloud hosting has its own control panel, but can also use cpanel. So there is no difference in terms of software.

Here is the video must you see to know about Cloud Hosting well..


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