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Basketball end year match

Posted by Andik on December 7, 2010

Basketball, is the most favorite games in America probably in many others most regions of world. So if have plan to spend your end of this year, or you have plan to get a ticket for your special friend as Christmas’s gift, here i provide some special basketball match schedule over this end of year. Read the rest of this entry »


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Football big match ticket at

Posted by Andik on October 3, 2010

You are a fan of football? and requiring tickets to watch with your family, your friends or colleagues at the weekend? where would you buy a ticket? some of my friends in America to buy it from their office seating. When I asked about the best ticket counter there, they advised me on So what the advantages? able to give you the best seat to watch some games in the ACC CONFERENCE like Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football, North Carolina Tar Heels, Virginia Tech Hokies, or the BIG 12 CONFERENCE like the Oklahoma Sooners all with the best price as well. You certainly do not want to lose the big match your favorite team isn’t it? And certainly do not want to get a seat at the back.  Immediately go into

Not only that, if you’re not a football fan, maybe you find tickets for Bon Jovi next concert, or maybe black eyed peas, or maybe a ticket to watch Nascar racing car, you can find it easily and of course with competitive prices, ticketamerica . com still be my recommendation. Good luck and do not waste your time to find any tickets but at

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Bak Truk – pun bertuliskan Keong Racun

Posted by Andik on July 31, 2010

yaa..permisi bapak ibu sekalian, mohon maaf jika kehadiran kami mengganggu perjalanan anda. Kami datang hanya untuk menghibur bapak ibu sekalian…baik lagu pertama adalah lagu yang tidak asing lagi…
teriak dia sambil menuju ketengah-tengah para pendengar-pendengarnya, kemudian.. “cik icik..cik..icik icik..icik…cik cik cik..” suara itu sempat membangunkanku, Read the rest of this entry »

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